Monday, April 20, 2009


On Saturday, I participated in my 3rd 5K. I ran/walked alongside runners from the SLC Marathon, Half Marathon,and other 5K runners. It was a lot of fun. I completed the 5K in 52 Min 15 Sec. - an average of 16 Min. 49 Sec. per mile. (Not too bad considering that I didn't train at all). I ranked 239 out of 254 for my division. I placed 2174/2388 overall and 1362/1522 for females. I am planning on participating next year as well. Hopefully I will do better. Sorry there is no picture. I didn't have anyone there with me to take one of me.


The Greenwoods said...

Congrats woman!!!! I want to see pics of your condo soon

Pennsylvania Hendershots said...

What an accomplishment! Congrats! I did my first 5K last fall- it was a painful experience but I finished- and now I have a starting point for new goals!

That's awesome!

Joni said...

You should have called me. I would have done it with you. Next year?