Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy Times

Things have been moving very fast since I moved to Salt Lake. I took a course to become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) so that I could get a job as a CNA while I worked on finding a job where I could utilize my degree. I got a job quickly at Arlington Hills Health Care Facility as a CNA. Working with the elderly was rewarding and exhausting. I discovered rather quickly that I didn't want to be a CNA for long. Although I had toyed with the idea of becoming a nurse, I decided that I didn't really want to go through that much more school. So, I kept looking for a job in my field and applied at the Utah Food Bank for their Agency Relations Coordinator position. The two interviews went well and I was hired. My first day on the job at the Utah Food Bank was December 23rd and my last day at Arlington Hills was Christmas. I am grateful to have had the experience of working as a CNA and am very grateful to have had that source of income while I looked for my "career" job. So far I am loving it at the Utah Food Bank and feel like the job is a very good fit for me.


Jill said...

We are so happy that you have found a good career fit and hope that you continue to love the job. We miss you around here.

The Greenwoods said...

CONGRATS!!!!! I am so happy for you. I am glade you found a a job that you enjoy!!! When are we going to hang out again woman?????

Pennsylvania Hendershots said...

Hi Jeanie! We miss you out here! We hope you are getting settled and that everything is going well. We sent you a Christmas card but it got returned to us for some reason. Dave said that we had the right address so I don't know what is up with that. We got to your blog through your sister's blog and thought we would drop a note to you to let you know we have been thinking of you and hope all is going well for you!

Take Care! -Maria and Reed